Picasso-Inspired Self-Portraits

Join Tech Director EURIDICE and the Artbarn community to make a group collage entitled ‘MY QUARANTINE FACE.
WATCH the tutorial video
MAKE your own self-portrat
All our SELF-PORTRAITS will be combined into a single mosaic image, which will be shared with all participants and our community.
Deadline: Friday June 19


Who was Picasso?
He was one the most influential artists of the 20th century, who is best known for developing cubism. You can see the best sample of cubism in some of his most famous paintings like Guernica, The Weeping Woman, and La Reve, among hundreds of many other marvelous paintings by him.

The project:
Using limited materials and color palate, you will be creating a self-portrait collage inspired by Picasso. This project is an exercise to find creative freedom within your limitations. At this moment we feel very limited with the current circumstances. Yet, we can liberate ourselves with our creativity. Lets purposely limit our materials and technique, and see how much freedom we can find.

What you need for the project:
You will need materials found at home, a limited color palate of your choice, and a selfie in black and white.

Materials found at home can be a cardboard packing box or pizza box, paper bag, food packing bags, an envelope, an old magazine, colored markers, crayons or colored pencils, paint ( if you have ).

You will also need scissors, Elmers’s glue, and maybe a ruler.

The process

1 – Take a selfie in Black and White, or use an existing selfie and apply a Black & White or Gray Scale “filter”. ( You don’t have to love it, please. It’ll be used just as a guide for your project.)

2 – Choose a limited color palate. No more than three, but you can include different hues ( or tones) of those three colors. The materials you find at home might determine your colors, so stay open to all possibilities.

3 – Use the Black and White picture to guide your approach. In other words, notice where the darkest and lightest shades of the portrait are. This can help decide how to distribute your colors, if you wish so.

4 – Notice the simplest shapes in your face. Basically, your basic geometric shapes: the triangles, rectangles, and circles.

5 – Once you have a plan in place, begin cutting out these geometric shapes from the materials you found, and/or use your markers, crayons, or paint to color and cut out the shapes from regular paper. Remember to stick to your limited color palate. That’s the rule.

6 – Using your cardboard or paper bag, or regular paper as a canvas, start glueing the cut out shapes to construct your face. Starting with the shape of your full face, then everything else (eyes, nose, mouth) as it pleases you.

7 – Once you are done, take a picture in good light, and upload it to our private file drop.